Best Friends
Josh: Hi. Can we talk?
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Hi. Can we talk?
Who is this?
Oh. I guess you already deleted my number from your phone book, huh? It's Josh. Joshua Blaine. Remember me?
Look, I know we didn't part in the best terms, Kaylie. But that was two years ago. I was hoping we could be friends again?
Kaylie? You there? Please talk to me. I miss you.
All right. Message received. If you don't want to speak to me, I'll respect your decision.
But before I go, I'd just like to let you know that if you ever change your mind ... I'll be here. Call or text me anytime you need a friend.
Or just someone to make you a late-night mac and cheese. Four different cheeses, just the way you like it.
Take care.
Sorry it took me three hours to reply. I was at a lecture, I had to put my phone away. Hey Josh. How have you been?
Great! I've been terrific. Oh, man. I'm so glad you texted me back. How are you?
I'm okay.
That's awesome. I'm in town, actually. Just got a job over at a local accounting firm. Thought we could meet up for coffee sometime?
I'd love to catch up.
I missed you. You've been my best friend almost my whole life.
I screwed up, I know. Forgive me?
I don't know, Josh.
All right. I guess that's too much to ask right now. But maybe we could still get that coffee? I'd just really like to talk.
I think I can grovel much better in person than over the phone. LOL
You really hurt me.
I did. I'm so so sorry. I was young. I was a total idiot. You deserved better than what I did to you.
When you told me you loved me, I kind of freaked out, you know? I honestly never thought of you that way.
Not that I didn't love you too. I did. I loved you so much. But only as a friend.
I still love you, Kay-kay. I still think of you as my best friend. Not speaking to you for these past three years was hell.
You still there?
I'm here.
Is that why you moved to San Francisco?
No. A few friends wanted me to join their startup. I had no idea how an accounting major was going to be any use to them.
But I thought the change of scene would be good. I still thought about you, though.
How was chef school? I always thought your business major was wrong for you. You hated every minute of it.
Yeah, well. Mom and Dad thought it was for the best.
You always wanted to make them happy. I only wished it made you happy too.
Culinary school was great. I may be getting an intern position in a restaurant in New York next month.
That's fantastic. You'll be awesome, I know it.
I can't wait to have a meal at your restaurant.
LOL. Hope you're not driving all the way to New York. I'm just an intern. I'll probably just be washing pans for the first year.
I will happily eat food from those pans. Haha
You can always cook something for me. I'll even do grocery shopping for whatever you need.
Maybe :-)
Well, just so you don't think I'm being sexist asking you to cook for me, my offer to make you my amazing mac and four cheeses still stands.
I miss your mac and cheese, actually. I wonder why I could never make it myself.
That's because I never told you the secret ingredient.
Which is?
Nice try ;-)
Oh come on.
All right, here's the deal. I whip you up a dish of my mac&cheese just to refresh your palate. Then you guess.
Guess what?
The secret ingredient, of course. You're a fancy pan-washing chef now. You should be able to figure it out.
Fine. Maybe I'll take you up on that.
I remember your cousin Samantha couldn't get enough of it. You always made me make extra just for her.
How is she, by the way? The two of you were practically sisters.
Still fat. Huge.
Hey now. She's a great girl. I always thought she was pretty.
Really. You'd go out with her then?
Well, I haven't had a serious relationship for months. Why not? Haha. Srsly, I always thought she was cool. But she barely spoke to me.
Yeah. I noticed that. She's great, actually. We went to culinary school together. She was the one who convinced me to drop out of college.
That sounds just like her. So brave. Remember the time she dared us to go swimming in that freezing lake that spring in Lake Anna?
Yeah. If by "dared" you mean "threw me in the water". I wanted to kill her!
Haha. You did.
I'm so sorry.
About what?
Kaylie isn't here.
I don't understand.
I'm Samantha.
Sam! What's going on? Is Kaylie okay?
She's fine. Sorry. This isn't her phone anymore. She switched mobile providers a year ago. I took her number.
I'm really sorry to have deceived you. I just wanted to talk to you.
Well ... okay. Hold up. Did you think I wouldn't talk to you if I knew it was you?
Why would you think that?
No. I was afraid I couldn't talk to you. As me, I mean.
I always got tongue-tied whenever I tried to talk to you. I thought maybe if I were Kaylie, I'd be more confident.
I don't understand. We're friends, aren't we?
Are you kidding? We barely spoke.
Well, I guess. Wait, why is that?
I've always had a crush on you. Sorry, am I being creepy?
Sam, you're a lot of things. Creepy was never one of them. Wow. This must have been the longest conversation we've ever had huh?
So ... you wanna try talking in person now? Seriously, it's silly that we're doing this over the phone when we could just meet up.
You invited Kaylie for coffee, not me.
You can bring her along if you like.
She's actually already in New York. She's left early to take care of renting our apartment. I'm moving there in a couple of weeks.
So, just the two of us, then? Coffee?
You sure? I wasn't kidding when I said I was still fat.
I wasn't kidding when I said I thought you were hot.
You said I was pretty, not hot.
We'll I'm saying it now.
You weren't planning on hooking up with Kaylie just now, were you? Romantically, I mean.
Nah. I just miss her. Isn't she dating that guy on YouTube now?
LOL yes. Her parents are furious. They think he's some kind of starving artist.
Wow, she's really changed. Three years ago I would never have believed she'd do anything to piss off her parents. I've always wished she were brave. Like you.
I'm not that brave.
Hey, maybe I can dare you to do something this time. It's only fair. That lake was freezing.
LOL What?
I dare you to have coffee with me. Right now.
Sam? You still there?
All right. The old coffee place downtown? They still do the Chocolate Latte the way you like it.
On my way now.